Photo Retouching

photo retouching

Being one of my favorite steps in the photo process, photo retouching is what turns a good photo into a great photo. Just about every photograph you see in magazines and advertisements has been retouched in some way.

All photo sessions come with photo retouching. There are two different levels of retouching: basic and enhanced. As the name implies, basic retouching includes basic color and exposure correction, removal of basic skin imperfections such as pimples and minor scars.

Enhanced retouching takes basic level retouching to the next level. Enhanced includes retouching such as skin smoothing, advances scar and bump removal, body contouring, teeth whitening and eye color enhancement, wrinkle removal, and various other steps to ensure a polished and flawless photo. Complex retouching request may incur additional costs.

photo retouching

All retouching is done at the direction of you, the client. When retouching your photo, I do my absolute best to edit per your instructions using my best judgment and knowledge of good retouching practices to keep you and your photo looking real and not overdone as I have seen countless times before. Keep in mind that just because some can be done, it does not mean that it should be done. Also, please keep in mind that complex requests may incur additional costs.

Retouching, including any special requests, must be discussed prior to your session. This is important for several reasons. One, most issues can be taken care of during shooting, thus eliminating problems in post-production and greatly reducing turnaround time. Second, and most important, it helps both parties know whats expected, whats possible, and what simply cannot be done. This help post-production run smoother and helps to reduce turnaround time.